Guimarans_DanielI am a Principal Research Scientist at Amazon, with combined experience on academic research and consultancy projects for government and industry on transportation and logistics, aviation, and software solutions.

Prior to Amazon, I held positions as Research Fellow in the Data Science and Artificial Intelligence group of Monash University (Australia), Senior Lecturer – Researcher (Hogeschool Hoofddocent) at the Aviation Academy of the  Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (Netherlands), and worked as a Researcher in the Optimisation Research Group of NICTA, currently Data61 (Australia).

My research is mainly focussed on the hybridisation of optimisation methods, and its combination with simulation techniques to solve stochastic problems and complex systems. Data analytics also play a major role in my research. Most of my work is aimed at solving transportation, logistics, aviation, and manufacturing problems.

Areas of expertise: Optimisation, Constraint Programming, Heuristics and Metaheuristics, Simulation, Data Analysis, Logistics, Transportation, Routing, Scheduling, Aviation.

daniel.guimarans gmail.com